Good evening, you guys, 4th of July weekend starts Friday & do you know what that means??? Sales!!!! 

It is a beautiful thing to catch a sale, but those w/ budgets don’t shop w/ just in case in mind but destinations. 

It is okay to spend for the holidays, just don’t regret it after the holidays. Clothes are like a library to me, I tend to want to pick out the best pieces for my collections and wish to obtain an unlimited supply to do so, but it hasn’t happened and here is why,

Who would I consult if I haven’t gotten it wrong? My wrong helps someone’s right. I am a blessing to teach about shopping.

There are normal sales around holidays but they are also signs for season’s changing and there will be all kinds of shoppers out and then, there will be you.

Photo credit: American Library Association

Why do I stress about guides so much??

It is important to know who you are before going shopping: your image, style, and lifestyle?


Because you need to be okay in your own skin & with the decisions you make.

I love shopping. It is like therapy but lets flashback to 2016, I had money, decent amount & I shopped w/ no guide. I thought that connecting to a financial advisor would give me the tools I needed to spend my money wisely but it didn’t. 

It isn’t anyone’s problem but my own.

I shopped & shopped & shopped but barely had anything to show for it. I knew some of my style but I still was caught in the whirlwind of tainted thoughts & rebellious tendencies. I wasn’t wise in my spending and resulted in just having stuff & no direction. 

I didn’t study before I bought. I had no guide to help w/ spending, and so when s*** hit the fan, events came up, I was a** out. I had studied one part of me but not all. I prepared for one part of the destination and skipped everything else.

I didn’t save money for what was to come. I spent money on what was available w/i reach at the moment. I stunted my growth because I short changed my direction, limiting me to when the music stopped, well, I stopped too. 

I didn’t fully prepare for going ahead, I spent in the moment but the moments faded & so did I. 

The continuance of that behavior landed me to take a second look at what I was contributing too. Eventually, the little in my hand instead of the big taught me how to spend. I learned from small.

So, this 4th of July, learn from small.

Key Questions:

  • What do you want? You are going to spend this weekend, but what for? If it is for the holiday, try not to spend w/i the holiday itself, meaning, buy clothes that can contribute to your overall summer look that can be worn multiple times, not just once. 
  • Where are you going? If you are purchasing for a specific destination, think to yourself, will I ever wear this again in the near future? If not, try to buy what your closet is missing, so it can become a part of the family and not be an outcast that will eventually be given away. You won’t get your money’s worth purchasing a garment that can only be worn to that place only.
  • Window shop at home: Meaning, go online, (if the store has a website), and check out what items you think you might desire to purchase. If the store doesn’t have a website, here is a tip: Decide on what you want before browsing, once you have an idea, go to different sites to pull images of what you like, create a mini shopping guide by creating a collage of your choices. If you get all of the frustration out at home, then you will less likely go in the store w/ the same frustration as a matter of fact, you will feel happy to go in, buy what you want, & leave. You can save your savings! 

Here is a mini 4th of July Shopping Guide

The 4th of July basics was created w/ summer essentials in mind for easy purchase, and the weather. In Texas, it is 91°. 😩 Cool, breezy, comfortable clothing can help w/ all the festivities like Cookouts, firework shows, festivals, etc. 

If you are male reading this feel free to follow the same guidelines. Do not look at the female clothes for inspiration but check out some of the choices: 

Tees, tanks, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, sneakers, jeans,  etc. Are all items that you can purchase as well. 


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