Image 2 is the next step of the journey. You have already agreed to go forward w/ the consultation and profile.


Apologies here, but you can’t get access to your personal profile unless you pay for it. The profile will include everything that will help you to become a self-sufficient shopper for your image & wardrobe, teach you about your style, and even learn about lifestyle.


No worries, I am giving you an all exclusive look into the program and portfolio by choosing myself as my first client. 

The breakdown will be the same as Image 1, but since this image includes a higher wardrobe account we will be able to explore more options. 

Depending on the pieces that you desire, I can shop by quality over quantity, and give a detail description of the online purchase. 

Example: A top, dress, or pant may run you $50 each for better quality than breaking down $50 to get quantity. Leaving you with 5 to 6 pieces to purchase under a $300 wardrobe account. Your price point has absolutely nothing to do with me. You can start at your actual budget or create an inspirational one for where you are heading & not where you are. It will still come w/ loads of inspiration, style & lifestyle choices to choose from. Your wardrobe is best when you reflect it & it reflects you. 

  • “I chose this image to showcase freedom. I love to connect and socialize. I love being free in my garments and trying something new. Every aspect of this image goes into me walking in a new direction. The dress is new and lipstick combination. I am always on the go and like to be ready when I am out. I like the 70s, mod, and bohemian style.”

Words chosen to break down Image 2











On the go





Style tip: Even though Image 1 wardrobe was inspired by the 70s & image 2 mention the 70s doesn’t mean that both will be impacted the same way.  This image may require a different part of the 70s or just be minor inspiration to the overall look. 


The budget for this wardrobe is $300. 

Style tip: When preparing a wardrobe account consider if the money will be used for quantity or quality. You can purchase at better quality of clothing stores like Nordstrom’s Rack, but the pieces will be lower in number and if you only need a fresh start, then, that will do, but if not choose quantity and purchase items from fast-fashion w/ a better quality. Shopping online, study the reviews about the garments you wish to purchase and check out the material and see how long it will last so you can be comfortable w/ the purchase & consider the care of taking care of the garment.


This item is an example of shopping at stores that have better quality of pieces to purchase. You can also pay attention to the brand & check out their reviews.

Any item w/ a higher original price tag that has been lower to less can be assumed that it originally had great quality.

  • Hair

Always consider the original image when considering hairstyle choice.

Not my image

 The new hairstyle chosen should be just as cohesive to the new garments as the original image. 

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

For inspiration only!

Style Inspiration:

  1. Bianca Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, Verschuka, 70s hippie, 70s romance, romance, young free women, Diana Ross, late 60s, 70s glam, Anja Rubik 70s style, Pat Cleveland, bohemian rhapsody, glamour, beauty, glam rock brands and designers that style reflects the late 60s & 70s. With these styles and looks your makeup will shine the brightest. Do not only pay attention to the styles but the beauty within it.

The most important inspiration of your style can be drawn from the butterfly.

The butterfly represents joy and playfulness. It symbolizes to embrace where you are in life and enjoy it. The playfulness of the butterfly indicates the style direction in which your new wardrobe will come from. In order to fully understand how the butterfly represents you overall is to see how the butterfly originated. The caterpillar is the butterflies original state. Its full life & ability to even get to the stages of metamorphosis was from survival mode. It had to do so much to secure itself if it ever wanted to see what it could be. Even in the process of becoming the caterpillar felt to protect itself. But, once it entered into protection and transformation its body began to decompose. It no longer knew of where it came from. When it came out, it was completely transformed that it had a new identity. Your new identity is to identify with going forward and embracing all life has to offer with no worries nor cares. Your only new job is to play, dance, roam, connect, and bring joy unto the world. Your worrying days are over. It is time to be completely set and carefree.

  • Bianca Jagger
Not my image
  • Verschuka late 60s/70s fashion
Not my image

Pat Cleveland 70s fashion


Anja Rubik (70s fashion style)


Anita Pallenberg 70s fashion

Not my image

Diana Ross 70s fashion


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Not my image

Other Style Inspiration:


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The overall image is drawn from the 70s romance style. The free spirited, socialite, Flowy, free and playful. A lot of the icons that will play a role in bringing this style into fruition was a part of the socialite scene, some were even groupies. The lifestyle connected to bohemian rhapsody was drawn from hippies that embraced being able to share themselves w/ others in the name of love.

Ruffles, denim, lace, tulle, chiffon, organza, sheer, white, layers, soft pastel colors, yellow, sweetheart necklines, off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, floral, bows, wraps, straps, sandals, sneakers, curls and braids, fedoras, blues, golds, metallics, pinks, embroidered, jumpsuits, silk, playsuits







Wardrobe Pieces

Temperly London
Johanna Ortiz
Johanna Ortiz
Gül Hürgel
Elie Saab
Elie Saab

Shoe Style


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  • Denim


Wardrobe Account:





TS32R12MBLK_Zoom_F_1 (Polyvore Price) (website price is $80)





Total: $125.03




6789565 (steve madden)





Total: $102.66




frenzy24m-maumul_01 (Bamboo brand)

Total: $63.40


Other looks under $300


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Main words from the style: Flowy, soft, free, & playful;

these words are so powerful in realizing your inner beauty because it connects you to the style of clothing that will unify your wardrobe. It is where you can let your hair down & not take life so serious, just enjoy each moment & when you do, your garments will match. Stick to designers, brands, garments, etc. that introduce that style for you.

The leading style is playfulness and softness. Embrace those two words and they will lead to a wardrobe & a life worth seeing. It is time to let your guard down and laugh again like a kid with no cares in the world.

Inspiration for that style choice:

2 butterflies playing
Not my image
Not my image
Not my image







Parties, charity, hosting, nightlife, create a garden, philanthropist, enjoy each moment whatever you do, painting, close friends, adventures, parks, the outdoors, travel for enjoyment, learn a new language, eat new foods, meet new people, laugh often, play, embrace your inner child, wake up and ask how can I enjoy life today, find moments to gather around children, nurture & be loving, go into nature, embrace the morning and dance in the night, learn to love and enjoy someone else’s company, gain a new love life.


Marrakech, Morocco (go to new places)

Not my image

Moroccan cuisine (try new foods)

Not my image

Bring out your inner child

Not my image

Host a party

Elle decor

Other Inspiration:

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image
Not my image
Photo credit: fashion gone rogue, glam rock chic




Alexander McQueen SS17 collection


Elie Saab

Johanna Ortiz

Johnathan Simkhai

Vanessa Bruno

Temperly London

Marco de Vinzo










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