It is the beginning of commitment to the road of completely changing your life forever. The profile is access to an ever growing you that can be transformed from years to come w/o updating your profile.

The fashion world is always changing and your look is always evolving but who you are, rather it is just being perfected, is who you are and those parts of you will continue to emerge in a beautiful way.

The first image is the start of reading into your future radar of image, style and lifestyle. It is a compass guiding you to the first stages of your new wardrobe.

Let’s look back at the statement made for Image 1:

“I chose image 1 because it reflects my rebel side. I love showing skin. I have never been afraid of my body. The more, the better. I want to keep it classy but also very rebellious. Bralette tops are so risky and denim will always be edgy. Showing skin, where I am from, is a problem waiting to happen with my religious, judgemental family. I rather just be myself and reflect that off in multiple ways.”

The image breaks down the overall look and is great to pull from but the style is within the words. It is the reasoning behind the photo and it will lead us to our image.

The words that we will focus on for image 1:


Showing skin

Not afraid

Classy & rebellious

Bralette tops




Multiple looks



The image is connected to the wardrobe. I pulled multiple pieces for this look from various price points. I will set up the images based off variation and structure. The structure will have a wardrobe budget.

The budget for the overall look is $500. Image 1 will receive a $100 wardrobe as it is not the overall chosen look for the new style.

Style tip: The image should reflect each style choice chosen, if not the look may not be a cohesive look to the overall style nor a fitting wardrobe for Image 1.


  • Hair:

I chose 2 styles that I felt would go w/ the new look for Image 1 as well as a great look to match w/ the wardrobe, style, and lifestyle w/o taking away anything.

The hairstyle images are chosen for inspiration only based off the Image given.

  • Style Inspiration

Before we get to the Image (Wardrobe), it is best to focus on the style of the Image that will lead us to some of the reasons why certain wardrobe pieces were chosen. It is also where the evolving style will continue to come from. Inspiration can be pulled from the words given for the image selection, icons that reflect the style choice, street fashion, editorial, brands, etc. Inspiration doesn’t have a limitation of where it can come from to develop the overall style. You can use it to continue to build your wardrobe along the way.

Style inspiration: Kendall Jenner, Cher, Pat Cleveland, Donyale Luna, Cara Delevingne, Bianca Jagger, Rihanna, Bella Hadid

1970s: Termed, “Me,” generation, it was all about self-discovery & rebelling against the rules & status of society. Even, fashion, was breaking the rules & Yves Saint Laurent will lead the way, (Information from various articles) According to, 1970s was also known for Finding Oneself. I believe this era will play a dominant role on your journey of putting your image, style & lifestyle in order. 1970s is all about Rebelling which is so relatable to what was your reasoning behind choosing image 1. You mentioned escaping your judgemental family & the life of religion.

Style tip: The past image should always be able to be modernized under your image or it may not be your best style choice.

Bella Hadid (not my image)
Cara Delevigne
Bianca Jagger
Donyale Luna
Pat Cleveland

We have broken down where the Image (What you wear) will be inspired by based off Style Inspiration, now we will look at the image & wardrobe itself.

  • Image: Overall image is drawn from masculine pieces of Blazers w/ a more structured look and longer length, modern wide leg pants. Pant suits, tailored & loose fitting. Feminine, sexual pieces like lace material, bralette tops, sheer, organza, chiffon. Colors like black, white, soft pinks, bold prints & colors. Denim is not a statement look w/I the wardrobe. It can be placed as pieces but not the dominant.
  • Masculine & Feminine pieces, classic meets bold, denim pieces meet structure garments, soft colors w/ black, feminine materials, ruffles specifically black & soft colors, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, pants, blazers, off the shoulder, stripes, sporty, laid back, ripped jeans.






Style Tip: The more you grow, the more you know meaning, as I grow into my new image, style, & lifestyle, the more my looks will desire to expand. You aren’t limited to the beginning of your profile, it is okay to add to it. Your profile includes Introduction w/ the 3 chapters, you are okay to add more. 


  • Image inspiration 

  • Wardrobe Pieces Inspiration
Toga Pulla
Moda Operandi
Brand: Etro (shop it to me)
  • Wardrobe account: $100

Total: $93

$25 @


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Style is next. It is the opportunity to see the individual for who they really are, beyond the garments & into the inner being. Who are you?

  • Style: Rebel, Masculine mixed w/ femininity, edge & sex appeal, nomad, outlaw, somewhat free-spirited, Modern-Structured, 1970s

“The image commentary suggests that you are very outspoken. You desire to be free from past judgements, which kind of puts you at a place of being an wanderer for a new way of being perceived, since you have held on to negative beliefs for so long. It gives you the perfect style of adopting the outlaw and nomad look. Sometimes, it is best to learn to go out into the unknown & discover a new meaning. We don’t always know how to start over. Clothing & brands that reflect journey & lifestyle will be a great choice for your new wardrobe, development of your style & lifestyle.

You are also a rebel at heart. You tend to break away from held traditions & create your own, but somewhere along the way, you got stuck & aren’t able to fully embrace your rebel side. You can gather pieces from rebel fashion but self-discovery is your true path, for now? What are you manifesting?

  • Style Ideas


Not my image
Not my image
Not my image
Not my image
Not my image


Lifestyle is a broader expansion of style. It is like the combination of image & style emerging to teach where to go & who to be. 

Your new profile must be a compass in the direction of the chosen path. Trust it to lead you to where you desire to be w/o changing who you really are.

According to the words mentioned & the information from the style: You are seeking to get your voice heard. You have felt silent for far too long & wish to communicate where you will be heard. Your clothing expresses that, and you can’t stay within the walls that have been built for you.

Your main focus is to travel not to escape but to discover. Maybe, the voice you have been using has not been your own. You need to hear your voice clearly beyond the noise.


Other Lifestyle choices: Writer, Activist, Public or Online Speaker, Journalist, Guest Editor, Freelance Writer, Author, Motivational Coach, Road trips, Songwriter, Screenplay writer

A career where your voice will be heard & you no longer have to hide.

Connecting w/ others will be a beautiful thing after you have discovered your voice & trust that your words, opinions, thoughts & feelings are okay. You are okay to trust in yourself.

Style tip: Lifestyle can be expanded based on the growth of the individual. The more you grow, the more places you can go.

  • Other Inspiration
Cher Portraits


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Not my image
Not my image 








Rick Owens


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