DJ Kool Herc is noted to be the Founding Father of Hip Hop. He started w/ mixing beats from James Brown songs in clubs. He created Hiphop beats that the Beat Boys would dance to and that is how the Hip Hop culture was formed. (Info. Hiphop years from Youtube) 

Not my image

The South Bronx is noted to be where it all started.

Not my image (South Bronx 1970s)

There wasn’t any noted brand that was connected to the era but there are ones that were worn by the people: Adidas, Gucci & the style was:

Flare jeans and pants

Stripe tops

Bomber jackets

Track suits

Adidas sneakers

Track pants

Leather jackets

These styles that were worn by beat boys and people of the community that brought hip hop to life, is now seen on famous and street style celebs. I wonder if they knew that their style originated from people who were considered financially struggled.

Not my image/Gigi Hadid

Not my image

Not my image

There wasn’t any glamour associated with the South Bronx in the 70s as a matter of fact if you put in the search engine for the location then you will see that there were a lot of poor places, almost destructive, very trashy and nothing appealing. You have to wonder why HipHop became so glamorous, especially with Pharrall walking in the Chanel show and Young Thug sporting a technical Chanel bag. Why Diddy would be one of the highest paid celebs on the Forbes list and Jay Z coming in 2nd to him when it comes to Hip Hop. Tupac made a reference: Roses growing out of concrete.

Did the DJ mixing the music to start the Hip Hop beat, people dancing on the floor to the rhythm, the Beat Boys creating a style of dance from the tracks begin the seed for the rose to break through concrete soil to create some of the Greats and give the opportunities that now grants others the same opportunity? Must they never forget their roots and must others begin to understand where Hip Hop comes from and why the styles they wear is so popular.

Not my image (South Bronx 1970s)
Not my image (South Bronx)

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