Father’s day is passing and like every holiday, I became quiet and hidden. I only awoke to watch The Potter’s House. Bishop Td Jakes spoke to fatherless children that have been living w/ curses over their lives. I couldn’t believe that I had to be a part of the crowd that weeped. He lost his father at 16. I lost mine at 27.

Meet my dad: Wayne Lee Sr

He was a huge sports’ fan. His favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks. He was a football coach for little league for over 20 years, a basketball coach to a community team, and head football coach, for a while, to a Semi-pro football league from our hometown. He worked at The State Hospital until he retired and the city & school till he died of a heartattack on Oct. 5th, 2015.

My world shook when I lost my dad and it was hard for me to understand living. I had never lost a parent. I never planned on losing my dad. I had just saw him that Friday and that Sunday morning he was gone. I never knew that I would hear that he didn’t make it. I felt my heart leave my chest. I wanted him to come to me and tell me that they were lying. I went into a delusional state of depression and became childlike. Nothing could relieve from the pain for I was truly devastated. I called for him that entire night and he didn’t come back. I wouldnt see him again until almost a week after his death, in my dream.

He shared his time to those in need. He would volunteer and adopt a block. He gifted bags that he stuffed w/ goodies and later reads. He died a brother, uncle, son (his parents are gone), cousin, friend, dad, husband, papa & a best friend.

Dec. 19, 1958-Oct. 5, 2015

Meet my mom: Malinda Tennyson

She had aspirations and dreams. She would start off her life, at a young age, before leaving high school, as a wife to my dad. They were married for almost 21 years.

She couldn’t have children, at first, so her and my dad would take care of their neices and nephews, until my oldest brother was born, then I, and my little brother.

She would work at different places before becoming unable to work but it didnt stop her drive. She was on the usher board until she became the Head Usher over the youth lead. She loved planning activities for them. She visited the elderly and befriended them. She spoke to anyone that passed and cared for many. She always allowed us to bring home people who were in need. She was spoken of as being a gentle soul.

She was taken from us Jan. 17, 2016. 20 days of her birthday. It was around 4pm and I read a news article on Facebook about an accident on the highway I just passed a couple of hours before but I never saw my mom. She had a flat tire and wanted to call my oldest brother to help. While I was reading, someone in the comment section described the car. I instantly knew it was my mom’s but I never suspected anything had happened to her. I just thought someone had hit her car, until the sheriff department came to my door asking if I knew her. I said, “Where is my mom,” and they said she didn’t make it.

Apart of me died w/ her and I have yet to recover that part of me. I don’t think I ever will. I became unable to function living here and I simply wanted to go home.

It seemed like a nightmare. A nightmare that wouldn’t go away and it hasn’t. It physically affects me when holidays or reminders come around. I instantly seek into sadness and become silent.

My mom had 5 grandchildren

My dad (due to being remarried) had 7.

She would die, a sister, aunt, cousin, friend, granny, mom & ma, and best friend.

December 26, 1962-Jan. 17, 2016

You can Google both of my parents due to their deaths and burial.

Happy Father’s day to those who stayed the course and to those who didn’t or couldn’t, thanks for the blessing that you have left here to provide light to the world. πŸ’™


Written by matashaylee

I'm a mom of two, Sean 8 and 1/2 and Amelia 7. I'm from Terrell, TX. I've had a passion for fashion as a little child. It expanded into different areas like styling and design. Sketching was one of the hardest things for me to learn until back in 2011 and I started getting better at it. (It was like it was downloaded into my mind at the perfect time.) I sketched out an entire denim jacket line. (Soon to be made into physical form) I am very spiritual and inspirational due to my journey and awareness of having God in my life, our Greater being, so from time to time I may add an inspirational quote that inspires that moment. Probably my strongest influence in the fashion industry has been through modeling, pursuing modeling and writing. I haven't even scratched the surface of the impact I desire to make in the music, writing and fashion industry. I'm still blossoming. My ultimate goal is bring healing to the part of the world my gifts can impact.


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