“Where is your hat? I am so use to you wearing it?”

“I love your hat!”

It isn’t uncommon for me to hear compliments from wearing my black fedora.


People have become accustomed to it that they think it is strange when I don’t wear it.


I will like to eventually incorporate it into my brand and it be the blog’s logo picture, but I haven’t decided on the iconic look for it, yet.


This image was in the running for the logo’s image

I am not the only one that has stepped into the iconic look of wearing it. Just recently, Lady Gaga and Beyonce has made one of their most sold out album feat. A hat.

Photo credit: Brit + co
Not my image (Beyonce “Formation tour,” from the album, “Lemonade.”

There is hardly an image that I have that doesn’t feat. The Hat! Will it become my signature like my new lipstick called Rose Bud? We will have to find out? 20170607_202042

In the mean time, take a look at other images that my fedora made a feat. In.





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