Trending for Spring/Summer 17, animal print is in.


As wild and sexy as it sounds, “Animal Print in the Summer,” the selection comes down to bags, a couple of dresses, and a lot of rompers, body and jumpsuits. 

Fashion Gone Rogue

The variety isn’t limited to a certain body type. Plus size or curvy is in the selection as well, but I will have to pass on this trend.

I am into shoulder bags and backpacks. I will love to own a animal print backpack but the limitations is in. 

This is one of those moments where a trend will just be a trend and nothing more for me. 

It seems as if you must think outside of the box. When you think of Animal Print don’t just imagine the typical black and white zebra, leopard, tiger, etc. But think cute cats and bunny rabbits as well 🙈. Don’t get me wrong leopard is always leading the pack but I don’t think I have ever looked up animal print and thought of cats and rabbits. Oh my! 😱. 

I did create some sets w/ some pieces that I would wear to incorporate in animal print and if I was to wear it, the dress would probably be the best way for me too. 

Style Tip: Bold, bright colors added to animal print will give it a more balanced summer look. 

Refer to previous post

Are you into Animal Print for the summer? Would you rock this trend? 

Style Tip: Red will always be a friend of animal print. 

Comment below and let me know. 

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