What do you do when you have come to the end of your rope with a lip color? 

There is so much changing about me and that seems to be with my lip color as well.

My signature lip

I met my favorite lip color back in 2014. The dark burgundy lip was such a ray during the fall season and I just wanted to get that color so bad but I couldn’t. I just pictured myself with the style until one day, Sephora, counter moment, lip stain, vampira stared at me and my former bestie, and I knew then I was to welcome that color into my life. 

I was scared of its boldness when I first put it on. It read, “B****,” and I didn’t know if I was ready for that kind of commitment. I was scared that I wouldn’t be respected with a dark lip and decided not to wear it for a while.

After a while, we were reintroduced and it became my go-to it color. It never let me down. We went to events and our selfies screamed, “Yessss.” 

What is going on with me? Maybe, because that it color came with a lifestyle I no longer identify with anymore. My parents were alive, my bestie was by my side and just as the very few drops were leaving the bottle, I had a man in my life. I was the life of the party. We wore the weekend out, but now, things are different. 

The isn’t the lip stain, just a color shade like it.

I don’t see that girl that was happy anymore. I know my feelings are lying to me but this new direction is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I am happy to be where I am but it is going to take time to realize that my life just isn’t the same and yes, my signature look is dying because a new one is being reborn. 

Meet Rose bud by Flower: My new Signature look

There is a new level blossoming within me. Is it a coincidence that I am wearing a shade called rose bud and it has been the introduction look to the new path of forming new habits, I don’t think so.

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