Style is important because there will never be the same individual with the same look. 

You can wear the same top as your friend but they will not look the same. You will wear it within your individual style and vice versa. 

It is important to not be intimidated by what someone has and what they can contribute to their own individual style. You have to work with what you have and pull off the best look possible. 

Train your eye to see what is best for you not what looks good on someone else. If you have a hard time seeing yourself as beautiful as you can be, read some fashion books, play w/ styles that are already developed and see what fits you the most. It takes time to develop a personal style and just like life you have to keep growing to know what is inside of you that you can bring forward that says you have arrived but here is the trick, you have to keep arriving. Your destination has to keep developing and you have to keep seeing yourself grow and grow and grow. The 20 year old, you and the 80 year old, you will not be wearing the same thing but the 80 year old, you will only be the development of the 20 year old. She or he will be more secure in her or his style but you should be able to look at the 20 year old & still see your unique style at 80.

You can’t create two of you and think you will be the same.

Sorry, you can’t clone another you so you can share style. Even who we look like will still want to be their own individual’s self. Take the Olsen twins for an example. 


They are twins for crying outloud, identical, but yet they still find a way to embrace their own uniqueness and contribute back to the world in their own individual ways.

Style is important because unlike fashion, and how it can isolate certain people from time to time, style can not isolate you. It is your mark upon the world, your individual identity. Your style is made just for you.

2 thoughts on “Mini Vlog: Why style is so important?

    1. Indeed, trends keep you in the loop of the fashion world but people shouldn’t be made to feel extreme pressures of staying current to feel esteemed for one self. Trends do give you the ability to coordinate your wardrobe in new and fun ways. It is inspiration not a task.

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