Apologies for the delay, we left off at the third image and the reasoning for it being chosen.


“I chose this image because it is edgy, youthful, modern, & sexy. I was bullied growing up and was not seen as beautiful. I look so confident and sure of myself. It is empowering to see my head held high despite any troubles that I may have faced in my lifetime. I don’t look afraid of anything. “

Keywords being drawn out of the statement given will be important to take note of. They will lead us in the style direction we need to go to achieve the best results in building a new wardrobe and styling with the old.


A diagram can be used to break down the words chosen. Picking out the strongest words to represent the overall look will lead to the best results. 

Example: The key words for this image are:

  • Edgy
  • Youthful
  • Modern 
  • Sexy

These keywords will be the road map for looks, brands, styles, pieces, lifestyle, websites, etc. 

Closet Organization will be based off the selected words given.

Organization is key to improvement.

You want to know which image showcases your present style the most and then, place those garments’ styles first and, then, repeat.

Asking, Which one do you see yourself most as lets you know which direction you are heading at the current moment and what is driving you. 

This image 👆 represents my current style more, so whatever falls under this category will go in the front of the closet and will tend to be the main focus for shopping looks. 

The other images will not be left out but they will have limited pieces added versus the main image.

This is my second image
This is my last and third choice

Once, the images have been selected, the reasoning has been given, the consultation notes will be considered and included for the ultimate profile. 

Take a seat, people, we are almost at The Profile. 

But, before we prepare to create the profile, a (current) full body image must be given: hair pulled away from face, jeans and tank or tshirt (fitting) (plain) will be the appropriate garment, a low pump or dress shoe will work. No shoes is an option as well.

The Full body image will be important for the profile and seeing how the garments, accessories, jewelry, etc. will match against your body. 

Sample coming soon

The full image will be broken down into 3 parts: 

  • Head shot
  • Midsection
  • Full Body
Photo credit: Coleman Photographix (Example)
Midsection (not my image)

Photo credit: shutterstock/ full body shot

The images will be explained on a different post. We have finished the reasoning behind the selections. We have even went through examples of the full body image and the breakdown of it. 

After, the full body image post, we will be ready to head into the profile. I will put a personal note out before going into Image 

Please read pt. 1 and pt. 2 to catch up.

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