On Friday, June 2nd, I created a video speaking about mood boards and what you will need to create one. The video is 2 parts and very informative. Enjoy! 

I will also post images relating to my look on Friday. 

Blue  and embroidered H&M dress

Tulle skirt (black)

Bedazzled choker

Sparkly earrings

  • Add scissors to create your mood board

Pt. 2

Mood Board

Pictured is a sample of a Moodboard. The concept is to pull dresses that can be duplicates in style to the original image. I pulled images that can be a future reference. Focused on the overall style. Each element can be used over and over again to help w/ future purchases and styling for closet reconstruction. There are usually more images and the words will not be featured but used for pulling clothes. 

A shopping guide for near & far purchases.

Drop a question or just say hi in the comment section.

Remember, Beauty is an inside job, turned out. 

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