We have already taken a look at Image 1 and received the feedback on why the image was chosen.

The main focus from the image was to accept oneself as is.

  • The words that will be used to describe each image will play a huge role when the moodboard is created. It is a reference sheet for the profile and guidance for the client.

Now, we will take a look at Image 2 and why it was chosen. Remember, I am using myself as an example to break down the program and how it works.

  • “I chose this image to showcase freedom. I love to connect and socialize. I love being free in my garments and trying something new. Every aspect of this image goes into me walking in a new direction. The dress is new and lipstick combination. I am always on the go and like to be ready when I am out. I like the 70s, mod, and bohemian style.”

We have gotten to image 2 and learned the reasoning behind the image chosen. Enough detail is given and it is what I will use to build part 2 of your wardrobe.

You can tell that glam and beauty is the stand out choice w/i this image. I didn’t crop out the car before posting, which indicates, I like to be out on the go.

(I will look at all aspects of the image) Nothing should be left out. The 2nd image shows that flats and sneakers maybe a better option than heels based off the background.

Image 3: The last and final image that has been chosen.

Why this image was chosen will be discussed, as well as, the breakdown of 1.

Remember, Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

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