Once, we have established in which direction or area of life you desire to improve when it comes to your image (what you wear), style (who you are), & lifestyle (your overall life), 

  • “My focus is to learn to enjoy life w/i the moment. Embracing each step of my journey as I continue to embrace the new. My wardrobe should reflect where I am going and not where I have been. My style is pretty solid but it always has room for improvement. My lifestyle needs help because there are many areas that are not the same anymore. I, no longer, wish to dwell on whom I don’t have or where I don’t go, and gain a new experience.” 

We can move on to the three images. (Refer back to the previous style consultation post.) 

I will be looking at everything within the image to pull out wardrobe (image), style and lifestyle choices. Each image will reflect its own character witness to who you are as an individual. 

The images will help me to have better clarity of who you are and how you see yourself. Again, I will not assist in the selection. 

The reason why I will not assist in the selection is because it can appear to be bias which can come off as being judgemental. When you show me, who you are, you are the only opinion in the room. I will work off your vision and exclude mine. I will add my business, which is the program to the equation but it will be created from your viewpoint, not my own. 

I am found it to be better to assist a willing participant than a curious individual. Curiousity will not change your life. An open and honest commitment will. Sowing into the program will not change your life, being committed and dedicated to change, will. You have the power to go forward or remain in the same spot. 

When you can control the view of the images then, you will also control it when you are out of shopping, putting your closet together, or styling that piece for an important event or night out. You will remain to keep you in mind, first, at all times.

3 Images

We have finally arrived at the 3 images. Even though I showed my selection on yesterday, I want to follow the flow of the program and how we will arrive at the profile. 

The 3 images as well as the information given, full body shot, and your vision will help us get to the profile, but first. 

  • “Here are my 3 images” 

I will ask you why you chose these 3 images to help me better assist you in the direction of creating the ultimate profile for you. 

  • “I chose image 1 because it reflects my rebel side. I love showing skin. I have never been afraid of my body. The more, the better. I want to keep it classy but also very rebellious. Bralette tops are so risky and denim will always be edgy. Showing skin, where I am from, is a problem waiting to happen with my religious, judgemental family. I rather just be myself and reflect that off in multiple ways.” 

We will stop at this point and continue on tomorrow. We will go in depth about the choices for the other 3 and then, dive into some choices that I have already picked out. 

Anxiousness is not needed on my behalf. If I do not be patient and wait for your response and feedback, I will slip into judgement. It is better to see your view and work from there. 

I hope this was informative and you can understand the process of getting to the profile. It is work and commitment but the end result is a more advanced, enhanced you. 

The profile will compliment you not take away from who you are.

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