Today’s look of the day was inspired by the building block fanny pack. Can you believe that fanny packs are back in but don’t fool yourself, they are nothing like they use to be, think belt for the new age.

While looking for images that represented that particular look in street fashion, other trends began to emerge and these fashion styles are to die for. Stay tuned.

The Fashion Industry is still dining on the Cruise Collections that have been created from designer brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, & more.

Dior (Image came from Facebook)

Dior went with a more southwestern look while Louis Vuitton oped for a Japanese style.

Louis Vuitton (Image from Facebook)

Spotted on Twitter: drawstring bag by Chanel with the quote, “Is this the new it bag?” Huh, for who, street style stars because I hadn’t seen the bag. 

Chanel drawstring bag (Image from Spotted Fashion.)

Have you seen the trends where people are taking regular garments and turning it into inspiration by writing on the garment or leaving a detailed message to say phrases like, “Never Surrender,” from Misty Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and more, you can find pieces of positivity to add into your wardrobe or be inspired to make your own. Yesss! 

Misty Chanel finishing her custom denim jacket as she sowed the final touch

Millennial pink is still trending and doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon.

Adidas running from Hype Bae on Twitter

The Cannes was the talk for a while and Bella killed it per usual in her gown. 😍👏😍

Fashion inspiration can always be found in shows as well. Star is soon to air, maybe you can catch the 2nd season and become inspired. 

From KontrolMag
Here are some more images that can inspire your wardrobe and/or style.




Images added are not all my own!

Which look was your favorite? Comment & tell me below!! 👇❤💅


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