There has always been 2 of me inside. I have named each part of my journey of life. 

Invisible Girl’s Pain 

The title for age born to 16

Invisible Girl’s Pain 2 

came after the age of 16. I believe it ended around the age of 22. 

Daughter of the King

Came after that I started to reflect on who I am in God. 

The Beauty of my Soul

Is still being written but it’s formation started around 22/23 years old.

The Beauty of my Story

Came at the age of 25 until 28 years old

Beauty Manifesting

Came at 29 and is here now. Beauty Manifesting will be around for a while until my soul can form into the Beauty of my Soul.

My two styles have always been in synced and is only getting stronger. 

Rebelbeautylee: rebel, bohemian, rocker, modern

BeautyLee: bohemian, denim, freespirited, wild child

I have always been a carefree being. I march to the beat of my own drum. I have learned to refine each part of my being and any time I have ever strayed from who I am, God places me right back w/ me and who am I, 









I am my own style, a reflection of futures to come. I am Beauty Manifesting. 

Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

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