Summer is fastly approaching and the trends have been set for the season from brights and bolds to the 80s w/ Saint Laurent leading the way to the trend that has caught my eye: head to toe floral. 

Photo credit: Who what wear UK/Getty Images

The Garden is open for inspiration according to Who What Wear, head to toe floral is in for Spr/Sum 17. This isnt a trend to go out and spend money on but you must know the strategic way of pattern play and how to combine floral patterns together w/ one another to pull off

The look. Wearing florals from top to bottom is an art form and must be treated that way. Let’s not complicate anything. Floral on floral can be introduced in the garment & the jewelry & still be considered head to toe. 

Check out some inspiration below. 

Leave a comment on your favorite look! 

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It isn’t about just wearing the garment but where it can take you. When purchasing or combining looks, think, where can I go and what kind of experience do I desire to have upon arrival. 

Places that Head-to-toe floral can be inspired to go.


  • Weddings, floral is known to make its way into an romantic moment. You will not be out of dress code w/ head to toe floral as your garment inspiration. Simplify the look and allow the colors to flow together. (example above)
    Not my image
  • Private Parties, go bold, stand out, you are out in the open, friends or business associates are laughing it up, you received the invite, so enjoy your evening in head to toe florals. Blacks, navys, and midnight blue can color the night. 
    Not my image
  • Art Festivals, showcase your artistry of pattern play and the beautiful way of combining florals together from head to toe. Go big or go home. You can’t get any bigger than Texas and the art festivals thrown here. 
    Not my image
  • Beach Parties, yes, head to toe floral can show up in swimwear and sandals. No one can beat Zimmermann when it comes to floral and resort wear. They have it in the bag. 
    Not my image

Street Fashion

Obvious magazine
Not my image
Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

My Closet

I may not have head to toe floral but I can still rock the trend. Can someone say jewelry?

Places I have been in my garments:

  • Meeting w/ my designer cousin’s client
  • Fashion show to bring awareness to Heart Disease
  • Shopping
  • Hang w/ family
  • Art gallery, fashion show, garden party

Hope, you received all the inspiration you desire to support you on your Summer quest to the right garment. 

Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

Follow my new journal entries as I dig deep & heal. God bless, manis 💅

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