Omgeezy, just now realizing that I didn’t show you guys my new hair! 🙈 Apologies! 

I decided to do senegalese twists. I wanted them to be bigger but I normally I do micros on my hair and haven’t managed to get out of that style. 

I chose black, white and gray. The black is in the back. Color 1b. The gray & white is in an ombre effect. 

I chose to go with the skunk look again and am wondering if this will be my signature look for now on. 💁

Overall I like my hair but I am ready for change. I miss my curls, so you will have to see if I change it again. I am thinking about undoing the twist tonight for mother’s day tomorrow. 

7 thoughts on “My new hair

  1. I’m not flirtI’m or enything so please don’t take this the rong way… your eyes are very beautiful and I know you probably here it everyday… lol…
    What color are they if I may ask? You don’t haft to reply if you don’t want….

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      1. Kool! Dus wusup! Peace and blessings to you and yours… oh ya! And ya fashion since is off the chizzain! Keep doing what you love… f the haters and crabs in the buck and keep doing what you love an progression will surely follow you like your shadow…✌✌✌✌

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