“And, now, the end is near…” No, really, Series 1 for Pieces is complete. We covered:

  • The Dress
  • The Tote
  • The Flat
  • The Pump
  • The Diverse Piece (Jumpsuit)
  • The Blazer

Here is a recap of every set created

Each piece is essential to building a wardrobe. If you follow The Business of Fashion, then, you know major retail stores are in trouble and in a decline compared to online shopping. It isn’t a doggy dog world anymore. The loveliness of going in a store and being blessed by the touch and feel of purchasing the garment you desire, doesn’t have to be a war of the clearance rack and some no good use employee. It isn’t, oh, we don’t have your size, or we just sold out, it is options to skipping the madness and shopping online. Now, I am not an online shopper. I don’t trust it but I will have to learn how because why should I miss out on the opportunity to purchase what I want because of my lack of trust. I can shop at online stores that have physical stores until I at least get comfortable with the experience. Online shopping doesn’t discriminate either. 

The difference between stores was mentioned because getting these pieces doesn’t require you to search multiple stores (like I did) to come up with your new wardrobe. You can shop from the comfort of your home if you know your body part and style. Knowing you, always creates a better shopping experience. 

Let’s wrap up the series with flats and pumps

The Flat

Another diverse piece that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to style and body type. There is a flat out there for everyone in multiple different styles and colors. Pick the best one for you. You aren’t limited to the choices selected. You can also include oxford and loafers into the equation of choices, but I feel they are pieces by themselves because of the variety of styles they come in. 

Flats can go from day to night. Either way you choose is best for you. And some styles like pointy toe can definitely be incorporated into a nightly look. It is great for work and outings. The style of choice can change by season or you can just add hosiery and tights when it gets cold. 

Inspiration for Flats 1-3

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

The Pump

The 80s staple piece that keeps growing and changing right before our very eyes. From the boardroom to a photoshoot, concert to an intimiate date, the pump has never let anyone down. Even the length of the heel can be adjusted for women who don’t like a higher heel and vice versa. Another piece that doesn’t discriminate based on individual style and body type. There are pumps out there for everyone and kitten heels are trending. 

Inspiration for The Pump 1-3

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

We have come to an end, “the final curtain,” and we must continue on to Series 2 that is ready to go, but I have yet to showcase my wardrobe relatable to this Series so we will continue there later on today. 

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Morning Inspiration is coming up and it is over 3 looks that I so desire to add to my wardrobe: tuxedo dresses and jumpsuits, pajama jumpsuits. Yes, I have seen all 3 and I must get my hands on them 😫🙌❤. They are rocker, edgy mixed with classic style. They will be besties with my new wardrobe and style set up for this year. 

Stay Tuned

 Remember, “Beauty is an inside job, turned out.” 💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅

Don’t build a new wardrobe without building you up first. It is your duty to honor you and your style. ❤😘

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