On yesterday we started the series entitled Pieces for ages 25 and up. Why is it so important for women to invest in pieces than just buying items to fill a space in a closet? I will tell you, pieces, based on the item can go into each season and compliment it by just changing up the accessories or shoes. Leaving you to limit the amount of time and money spent on continually buying items of clothing that will be of no use. Yes, you can shop season to season but why would you? If you have it, flaunt it, but even those who have must understand the importance of pieces. They are the essential of the wardrobe. They can carry multiple looks and can be styled w/ many pieces. 
Let’s look at some pieces from last night & take a look at what is the essential starting point for buying these specific garments for your wardrobe. 

Series 1 consist of:

  • The Dress
  • The Blazer
  • The Diverse Piece (jumpsuit)
  • The Tote 

Tonight, we will continue with: 

  • The Flat &
  • The Pump

Let’s take a look at “The Dress,”

Purchasing the right dress will eliminate going to buy multiple dresses for different occassions. One dress with the right structure for your body, preferably midlength, can open the door for the attendance of different events. The older you get, the more gatherings you will attend, Girl’s night out, weddings, business functions, family outings. If you have your go to dress available, you can eliminate the buying of several dresses that will eventually end up being returned or given away. 3 to 5 dresses per season cycle can help you build the wardrobe you will need: depending on your state of life, have a gown available for charity and formal events. Cocktail dress for evening and nightlife attire, mixtures and wine tastings. Casual dress, brunch and lady outings. If you can start there, you can add to your garments by the pieces chosen. 

Having a guideline for your future purchases will help you succeed in purchasing your next relatable item. For instance, spending time on making sure you are purchasing a cocktail dress that compliments your style & physique, will help you in preparation for buying dress #2 because you have given yourself a guideline. 

Inspiration 1-3 for The Dress

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

The Blazer

The blazer is a piece, specifically, boyfriend or tailored, that is essential to any wardrobe not just female. It has the ability to polish any look it is paired with. You can create a casual or business look, risque and edgy, make power moves or simply out to dinner. It is a crossover piece. 

Inspiration 1-3

Photo credit: Style du monde
Not my image

The Tote

Have a great sized bag to carry life issues in (lol) can be great essential to your wardrobe. The older you get the bigger your purse will be. You have your phone, wallet, check book, keys, money, digital device, lipstick, other makeup, and depending on where you are at in life (the toy your kid snuck in there, hair ties, and a snack (😂😂) A tote is like graduating into adulthood and realizing that life is demanding more of you. The tote isn’t to replace the shoulder nor the clutch (we will get to those) but it has come to help manage the day and not try to stuff your life away into that cute shoulder bag that no longer can fulfill the day. 

(If you are a hipster, replace tote w/ backpack purse, it is the same idea, lol. Make sure you get a size that will accomodate you when you enter stores. Not all stores allow big carry on bags.) 

Inspiration (for totes) 1-3

Rihanna (not my image) Gucci bag
Not my image (Gucci bag)
Not my image

The Diverse Piece

The jumpsuit is probably one of the most diverse pieces of garment you will ever buy because if you have invested in 5 good jumpsuits (We will need to revisit this piece) you can go just about anywhere and be prepared for life. The jumpsuit is so diverse that it is made for all body types and styles. You aren’t limited to the choice of body suit to wear. It isn’t a one style fits all. It is a shop around, online or physically, to discover the best choice for you. (Remember, know yourself before you go shopping) It isn’t limited to female or male either. Jumpsuits are available in menstyle. It is the best Friday piece because you can wear it for work and play. The accessories will have to be changed but you can pack that in your car or (this is where that tote or backpack purse comes in handy, mmhmm) 

Inspiration 1-4

There is more commentary on IG: beautymanifesting

If you can receive the information given then you can turn your wardrobe and shopping experience around. You aren’t at the age to be shopping for fun anymore. If you need retail therapy, do it smart, at least invest in a piece you need to bring out the other items you have at home. Don’t waste money buying a bag that you will need an entire outfit, shoes, accessories and jewelry for. Can you imagine what else you could have invested that in? Unless, you don’t use the bag. A designer bag, especially, unused, can be a rainy day fund. Ever heard of Ebay or cosignment shops?? 

Regardless of if you take the advice or not, Remember this, Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

Unless, you deal with the issues within, you will never experience the full glory of your outer appearance. 

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