Have you been following the inspiration on IG: beautymanifesting, if not, no worries the inspiration for the week is coming to you. Yay!! Look below and become inssspired.

Yesterday and this morning look was inspired by the bag that is trending all over IG: the straw bag.

Gigi hadid (not my image)
Not my image

The Blonde Salad blog approved: Chain tops are what all the “it” girls are wearing. I had to take a peek into this trend. 👀

Watching Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce powerful transformation in representing black people in a beautiful light, showcasing our culture, I was so inspired I created sets that reflected black beauty and power, being unintimidated that it would offend anyone. Sometimes you must be the one to create the image you desire to see.

Early morning risers need their own inspired look. It needs to be fashion-forward yet simple enough to incorporate into a morning routine. These images being presented represents that vision.

Not my image

Not my image

Keep up with the other manis @beautymanifesting on Instagram. I want to see you there. 

Remember, Beauty is an inside job, turned out. 

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