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Do you have a signature look? And, it seems as if the product was created for you? I had a conversation with my cousin & she told me that I have a signature look & need to stay in stalk of the product that gives me that look. I was in agreement w/ her. 

In Fall of maybe 2013 or 2014, the burgundy lip became a staple piece in beauty cosmetics. The lip was trending everywhere and I wanted that look. Hell, I needed it. My former friend surprised me with the lip stain, it was my first one & the exact color. $20 for a stick of stain has lasted me until now. How, you might ask? When I first received it, I loved it but it made me look dark, stand out. It was really making a bold statement & I really didn’t know how to handle it nor did I really know anything about applying it. I attempted to apply it like a regular lipstick but it dried up super fast & I wanted to add moisture but that didn’t turn out good 😒🙈. I consulted with my beauty gurus I knew and they told me what I was doing wrong. I left it alone for about a year & then, went back to wearing it. It has been my go-to for parties, events & photos since. 

Which product is it? Meet, “The Signature.”

Kat Von D’s vampira is my signature go-to lipstain. I have tons of images but the lip that has been showed the most has been applied with this product. It really is a good stain to take photos with because you don’t have to do much to your face to get the perfect look. It instantly shapes your lips, so the rest of the pose is relied on the position of your face & eyes. I am giving this product a 9. It is really reliable & lasts a long time if you don’t use it everyday but make sure it is used on special occassions because that is when the signature you, really should show. Make your mark. 

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