Isn’t it lovely that you can find the inspiration that you need for each day of the week. I will like to break each look down for you, so you can be inspired for your wardrobe. 

Monday: Simplicity Layering

A lot of people have Monday blues, but Monday is more than just about the blues. It is about opportunity. People can expect change on Mondays because the working environment opens back up. So, what do you wear on a day that can give you the blues but can also give you opportunity? Check it out. 

Not my image

Layer it up: Try out a duster with a shirt dress, blouse and skirt, simple pieces that do not take a lot of time to put together. Watches and studs will be easy jewelry pieces to pair without the hassle. 

Not my image
Not my image (bat gio)

Tuesday: Prints and patterns

Monday has passed and you aren’t that blue anymore, now Tuesday is here and you have a more positive attitude, let it show through your style and opt out for patterns and prints. 

Not my image
Not my image

Wednesday: Leave it to the dress

 Midweek isn’t always pretty, but the weekend is almost here, but yet it is not, lol, so leave it to the dress and go for a solid color and play with the layers in your dress, tulle, asymmetrical, whatever you decide, let the dress take care of it. 

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image (Mira Duma)

Thursday: Cute, but the week is almost over

The week is almost over and you are ready to look cute, sip on a cocktail, and be ready for Friday and a girl’s night out. You can handle this day, but you still want to look beautiful without the work. Blouses, wide-leg pants, metallics, statement bags are your best friend for this day. 

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

Yay, it’s Friyay!

Friday is here and you have made it through the week but girl’s night starts right after work & you don’t have time to go home, your outfit needs to be diverse. You have to show up ready for work and play, so let your look be diverse. 

Flare jeans and blouses,

Flare pants and blazers, 

Play with more tight fitting looks.

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image (Vivica A. Fox)

Stay tuned on where to get the set looks from. 

Go to Instagram for more inspiration. 

See you soon, manis 💅. 

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