It started last year, I wanted to capture my own images of style that I saw while out. Last year, while at the Beyonce concert I received my chance. I had the opportunity to capture two individuals’ looks and post it on here. I was so happy. You never know how people will receive you when you ask for their image but they were so excited to know that they were going to be on my blog. The response has remain the same. 

This year, while out with my cousin at the fabric warehouse in Dallas, TX, I saw someone whose style completely caught my eye. I walked up to her to ask her would she be willing to appear on my blog, her reply was yes, and we began to snap in that moment. Lord knows the fear is still new in me, but I desired to push pass my feelings and continued the shoot. 

Her name is Tania Hourrutinier and she is a contributor, style influencer, and co-designer to designer: Anthony Weaver’s line, Unique Kreations, based out of Dallas. The engagement with her was insightful and I am glad she was a sport. You can go and check out her facebook account for other inspiration and looks she has posted. Meanwhile, check out some more looks from her style.

She wore a leather moto style jacket in this image. 

A band tee from the rock band, “Kiss.”


Leopard style boots

She has a sweater or a shirt tied around her hips to add hipster style to her rocker look. 

Her bag reads, “God is Good.” She said that she detailed the look herself and loves recreating vintage clothing into being her own style.  

Detailing on her sleeves was a cross. 

To be able to create your own look from her style, look up inspiration like: 

#rockerstyle #platformboots or heels #bandtees #leopardprint #suede #rockband #motojacket #leather #leatherjackets 

Here are 3 recreated looks from the images presented. 

There are so many ways to become inspired by her style and representation. Pull from the hashtags presented. It is so much more to come. May our fashion inspiration continue to spread far & wide. 

Until next time, Remember, 

Beauty is an inside job, turned out.


Written by matashaylee

Beauty Manifesting +Consulting Agency I am a style consultant that specializes in image, style & lifestyle. +The blog is for where you become inspired. I created a program that has been designed to transform the inner beauty, out. A full detailed portfolio giving you access to your image, style, & lifestyle. It is a journey, & at the end, you will manifest into the beautiful being you desire to be. We have styling, closet organization, personal shopping, wardrobe development,  color consultation (see which color best suits your overall look), motivational speaking,  brand imaging (personal & business), packages for sale as well that can be combined to the purchase of the program. You are able to receive consulting advice if you desire to work on your own at an inexpensive price. I will personally guide you in laying out the best way to go about purchasing and investing in your new wardrobe, style and lifestyle choice. A fashion designer package: Receive advice and assistance on your next collection choice. We can assist with the creative direction for your designs and fashion show. Our motto is Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

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