Just when designers were exiting their fashion brand’s logos to go for more of a settled design logo like a metallic piece placed on the bag while using solids or patterns to decorate the rest, 

They have went back to the logo style bags and famous for its logo, Louis Vuitton, is leading the way with a mini backpack and/or cell phone case, that can be seen worn by Rihanna and Kylie Jenner and more.

Rihanna (not my image) #LouisVuitton

Chiara Ferragni #louisvuitton (notmyimage)

EJ Johnson #louisvuittion (not my image)
Kendall Jenner #louisvuitton (not my image)
Mira Duma #louisvuitton (not my image)
Kylie Jenner #louisvuitton (not my image)

Other brands like Gucci and MCM are going back as well.

MCM Rihanna
MCM Getty Images

Will you be rocking the logo style bags?

I was really liking the creativity of the new style, specifically Gucci, but their logo belt and t-shirt is of upmost popularity right now, and I, kind of, have not gotten with the program. My thoughts are still out on this one. I like being unique. 

Drop a comment & let me know. 

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