What’s up, you guys? How is your Friday so far. It is super cold over here 😬❄ but I am warm, indoors.

There has been a lot of inspiration posted on IG: beautymanifesting.

Have you guys been tuning in? Yes 🙋/ No 🙅 If you havent and you are wondering where is all the inspiration for the looks I am styling is coming from, then, check it out below. If you have been following, then, there is nothing wrong with taking a 2nd look. 

                     Today: Draw string pants

Kendall Jenner

            Last Night/this morning 🙈 Mesh 

                               Puffer Jackets



Bella Hadid
Chrissy Teigen

  Remember these:Bubble backpack bags


                        Harness belt skirt


“That is all folks,” watch out for more inspiration coming soon. 

Go to IG: Beautymanifesting to see more. 

Pantyhose inspiration is coming. Shh 🙊

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