Born in 1987, I was reflecting on the fashion that was inspiring that year and seeing if 30 years later, if we had change that much, if at all, well, we have, sort of, we have toned the looks down but we are still inspired by that era. Not only that, but the 80s will also be inspiring our 2017 closets due to some designers going back to the 80s, according to some popular magazines. 

 In ’87, Whitney Houston most popular album came out & she taught us all on how to dance with somebody. 

The fashion showcased still has an 80s vibe but you can tell that the 90s was on the way. 

While posting 1987 fashion, the trending world of Twitter came up with 1987 resolutions. I was floored and beyond happy. Who knew I would be able to make a 1987 resolution? I just wanted to be born, lol. 

I wonder what my dirty 30 has in store?? I cant wait to see. 

Not my image

Not my image

If you were wondering where the inspiration for the 1987 posts featured on my page came from, then, check out the inspiration below. 

Each image gave life to the posts posted on Instagram. Check them out & then go to IG: Beautymanifesting to find even more inspiration. You guys get the best inspo because you can actually go to the websites & purchase what is posted. I think that is awesome.

Lisa Bonet inspired the off-the-shoulder t-shirt dress. 

Big Bows were trending then, but we really didnt get away from wearing bows. Bows were trending in 2016.

This image showcases two sets of eyes. I pulled eyes street style from this image, yes, that actually exist. (Are you following me on IG???)

Tyra Banks in ’87. I pulled statement earrings from the image. 

Joan Smalls
Christian LaCroix

Just when you thought you were trending first, it was already done the year we were born, yeah, Lady Gaga, lol.

Look familiar?? Lady Gaga at the Victoria Secret fashion show in 2016.

Two inspirations came out of this image: the head wrap & steampunk sunglasses or you can find the style under round glasses. 

Steampunk sunglasses

This image inspired 2 different styles. 

Chains & leather
All leather

This Logo style jacket is inspiring the slogan jacket that was definitely trending in 2016.

Slogan Jackets

Those were all the images but remember, there is way more inspo. on my Instagram: Beautymanifesting 

Dont miss it. 

Beauty is an inside job, turned out. 

Stay inspired

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