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I wasn’t allowed to go to the skating ring. My parents was against it until one of my older cousins came along. She wanted me to ask if I could go with her but I told her she would have to ask for me. They were okay with me going and exposure occurred behind the walls of the skating ring. A new life was forming and a new wardrobe was manifesting. I couldn’t be a kid in this atmosphere but a preteen. I wasn’t use to being around that particular crowd because I wasn’t a cool kid at school. I stayed to myself except for the friends I had but they weren’t those kind of friends that met me or hung out with me everywhere I went. I was entering into this place with different people.

I don’t remember if I stayed to myself or not, but I do remember skating. I also remember dark spaces that the cool kids would hang out. The bathrooms people snuck into to do inappropriate things. People hung out on the side of the building and in the back of the skating ring. I liked going there but I didn’t. I wasn’t advanced and didn’t plan on being for a long time. Skating ring was fun for skating but I left everything else alone.

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