I volunteered today and you probably are wondering why am I posting about volunteering on a fashion blog? What styles can come out of that? The inner style. Our looks will fade. Our clothes are going to change. My spring wardrobe is already in need of an upgrade and Im already prepping to learn about pre-fall trends to upgrade my looks. You have to understand that who you are inside, dressed, is more important than what you wear outside. Your inner wardrobe will always give you guidance to your next closet staple piece. Your inner fashionista never dies.

I dressed my inner fashionista with service. Why service? Volunteering gives me an opportunity to not only mingle with new people but it lets me fade and I take on someone else’s cause. For the time spent, I get to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

The shoes I help filled today started as a 4 part journey, with three women who had enough with their sickness and a nurse willing to help them in their fight. They started a association to bring awareness to Pulmonary Hypertension. I met their story while sitting at the table with four other women helping put together the packages for the convention that will be held at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas. 

I had thoughts to ask about fashion questions with one person that came from New York or let people know that I was a fashion blogger, but I didnt. Instead, I listened to the reason why I was there. I stayed engaged in the experience and held back emotions when I noticed that people travelled from across the country to bring a vision together from 4 women who became 2. Every other year they come together, Doctors, Nurses, patients, etc. eating and discussing PH.

I gave of me and then I left. I didnt leave a card but I took a story, a story that will stay dear to my heart.

It was my first time in the Omni and people are going to show up there to fight together to continue to become aware of PH.

Remember: Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

Your garment should reflect more than the brand you wear. Your very being should be a reflection of who you are: Love.



Written by matashaylee

Beauty Manifesting +Consulting Agency I am a style consultant that specializes in image, style & lifestyle. +The blog is for where you become inspired. I created a program that has been designed to transform the inner beauty, out. A full detailed portfolio giving you access to your image, style, & lifestyle. It is a journey, & at the end, you will manifest into the beautiful being you desire to be. We have styling, closet organization, personal shopping, wardrobe development,  color consultation (see which color best suits your overall look), motivational speaking,  brand imaging (personal & business), packages for sale as well that can be combined to the purchase of the program. You are able to receive consulting advice if you desire to work on your own at an inexpensive price. I will personally guide you in laying out the best way to go about purchasing and investing in your new wardrobe, style and lifestyle choice. A fashion designer package: Receive advice and assistance on your next collection choice. We can assist with the creative direction for your designs and fashion show. Our motto is Beauty is an inside job, turned out.

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