What is so popular about wearing your under garment as a top? I have an answer: Freedom. I have no boobs so I could careless if they are seen but I love bralette tops because they are like corsets but different and the style is very up to date than a corset.

From brands like For Love of Lemons to Free People who are very willing to showcase a style with a bralette style and denim, showing a woman’s body without the backlash of not being classy. Honestly, I dont think classy and free will ever sip tea together. When you are free spirited you are not limited in how you desire to dress your body, if you desire to dress it all.

So, why not wear a bralette with a suit or your favorite pair of denim? Let’s look at some inspiration, shall we?? And, you know where to go to see more fashion inspiration (just in case you forgot) @beautymanifesting on IG.




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