Why is inner beauty so important?

I think there is so many layers to that question and answer, that it will take me forever to uncover it because perceptions change, but I believe the power of inner beauty deals with acceptance, an universal language that can be read by many but can only be defined by self.

I am going to choose one of my stories where I had to learn to love me.
I was with this guy and he didn’t like blonde hair. I had been wearing blonde hair for a couple of years and really loved it. My spiritual woman, Beyonce, wore the same color. I had tried every color of blonde that they made for my hair and even dyed my real hair blonde. I loved blonde hair. It made my eyes light up and my skin looked toned.

But, the guy that I was With, didn’t like blonde hair and wanted me to go black. I had never wore black hair before. I had never even considered it, but I changed for him. I changed my golden locks to number 2 black. When I went back to my hometown for a couple of days because I was in another city, they asked me why did I go black. I lied and said trying something new, they said you shouldn’t go black, it makes your eyes look scary. I had no identity with black hair. I changed me in order for someone else to love me, now, if you look at my situation from a far, depending on your perception, you could say love makes you do some crazy things or are you insane, you changed because of some guy? Yeah, I changed me. I threw away what I loved to accept what he wanted, not what he loved. He wasn’t changing him to love me, he was creating what he wanted to see me as and not accepting who I am.

I don’t believe love makes us do crazy things because why didn’t love make me say, No, I love me too much to change. Love cannot be twisted because it eventually appears as hate when it lacks our true desires.

I went back to being blonde and he had to love it or kick rocks.

Inner beauty recognizes those things that bring light into your eyes because it is your choice and your choice doesn’t hurt you. Inner beauty is very so connected to love. Love is another word defined by Perception but again is related to the individual. Inner beauty is a forever changing journey with self. We are constantly redefining ourselves until we get to that place of saying I am that I am and then building Self upon that truth.

I know my core is Love and my branches are my gifts. I build my truths off the layers of who I am helping me to identify me, no matter what stage of life I am in because I know who I am, my inner beauty shines unto my outer, but I will go in depth, more, soon and bring other stories. My hopes is that there is a reoccurring pattern in each individual’s journey to inner beauty that will all identify with:

Beauty is an inside job, turned out.-Beauty Manifesting



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