That spells heels not hell, lol, except walking in a really cute pair can bring you hell after an hour without my good friend, Dr. Scholls. πŸ™ˆ

But, what are your choices when it comes to a good pair of heels and is it legal to ask a woman how many does she own, I mean is that like asking a woman how old are you? πŸ™ˆ I think those conversations exist for 30 and up, lol. I have been walking in heels for a very long time because one of my dreams when I was younger was to become a model and I had to learn to strut my stuff in a pair and walk my pretend runway called the hallway.


My preference for heels is a thicker heel shoe and bohemian style.


There are all kinds like wedges, stilettos, clogs, boots, even tennis shoes, pumps, etc. What is your go to heel of choice? I know where the perfect inspiration for wearing heels can come from, drum roll, please, the streets… Yayyyy!


Let’s take a look at some fashion inspiration from the streets shall we?


It is going down on my IG. See you soon!!

(google images)

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