I know you guys have seen my favorite blazer worn to the Beyonce Formation concert to hanging out last Saturday, but if you havent, take a look:




Can you tell which blazer it is???
If you guessed the cape blazer, then you was Right.

It is my go to blazer and it can make any look go from 1 to 10 in a heart beat. I love these different ways to wear it that is presented in these looks.


Just denim jeans and a heel is a great pairing. I love the no bra idea especially since this blazer has a closer.


Distressed denim, tees, and a pump goes from casual to upscale as soon as you put the blazer on.


Pinkkkk and tennis shoes, yes please, where is the dotted line for me to sign onto this look.

Are you already rocking this look? Let me see. Leave a comment. Send me a look, let me feature you on social media. ❤. Remember: beauty is an inside job, turned out-Beauty Manifesting

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