Distressed denim and knee length shorts, linen pants, and high waisted jeans, is my bottom picks for the summer. Let’s find out why


Distressed denim shorts can be paired with any style and it adds that edge. High waist is my favorite because I like to look proportional. High waist flatters my body. The style just screams summer as well. Denim can also be rocked with more than just one print.


I like knee length shorts because of the different ways you can wear it but more important because I can get away with wearing more revealing tops and still look classy.


High waist jeans adds shape to any body and enhances my figure. I feel denim is just a piece in your closet that should remain all year round but be careful with colors in the summer. Try colors like light wash, white, acid wash, and color jeans. High waist jeans can also be dressed up or down.


Can you feel the breeze as you walk in your linen pants? The lake, ocean, sand beachs, and swim suits come to mind. They are also light enough to bare the heat in. Off the shoulder tops and linen pants go well together.

There are plenty go to bottom pieces for the summer like maxi and mini skirts but I am thinking edgy and modern/classic looks.

Let’s mix the 70s and 90s together.

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