I dont know about you but I am ready for summer. No, I havent went out exercising to get the perfect summer body (idk what that means) but I am ready for more clothes 😍. I mean I am a fashion blogger lol and who doesnt want more clothes. Oo oo, I know, no one, lol. My birthday is also 18 days before summer, but before summer gets here we need to start prepping for our summer attire and fashion inspiration. I am not here to let you down. Here are my Sum’ 16 picks, “Summer, Summer, Summer time.”


Pick One: Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder is being featured everywhere and in my closet but that isnt what is attracting me to the style. The attraction is to the way you can be covered up but give off that flirty look like, “Peek a boo.” It is also comes in different styles, so, knowing your body, can help you choose which style is best for you. You know there will be more fashion inspiration on my IG to see which style matches you.

Pick 2: Crop Top


Nothing says Summer like showing some skin but crop top paired with the right garment can be worn in so many ways from work to play. Different styles, also, for different bodies, but the crop top doesnt discriminate. I have seen it worn on many different body shapes. Know you then you will know what to wear. Spend time on you so you can spend money on you honey, yes!!!

Pick 3: Loose tank


My idea is to get my own loose tank designed for this summer so the attraction is heavy because I am in design mode and I want a graphic print on there but the reveal will be later. A loose tank feels like you borrowed your boyfriends top to wear but it shows off your bra without showing off your boob (but I dont have any boobs so I dont care lol). If you dont like showing off your bra then wear a cami underneath and layer it, also grab a cute, long necklace or choker to add a bit of style.

These are my summer picks.
Revealing my bottoms tomorrow.
Go to IG and find you some inspiration @ beautymanifesting.

Drop a comment: What are you on the hunt for when it comes to summer finds?


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