So, today this woman asked me on IG, where does she get these sandals that I posted in a set I created on Polyvore. The sandals as beautiful as they are, were $600+ dollars, I thought to myself, geez, that is such a high price, but if you can afford it, it is no biggie, but if you cant, there goes your favorite shoe, right, wrong. Why?

You may not be able to afford the look you desire and will need to shop around a bit to find one similar.

This woman on fb was complaining about Amazon posting an item that she could have bought for a lower price, she was right, but when you are advertising, you advertise the best unless you are advertising every day affordables or seasonal sales. The look is created to inspire not discourage you. Your mission is to shop around to get the look you want out of the look that caught your eye.

Find you at every stage of your life-Beauty Manifesting


The first shoe you can purchase at:

The second shoe is @

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