I was able to interview my first designer based out of the Dallas fashion market. We met at the fashion show that was hosted by 103.7 at Classic BMW of Plano. His fedora attracted me to him and I knew I had to speak with him and connect. Later on, I decided to get in contact with him and see if he would allow me to interview him, the answer was yes, so on a sunny day I traveled to meet the man behind Undrst8ed. I met the man, the designs, but I was more intrigued by the soul behind the work.

Check out his story below and follow the links to learn about his work and discover his creativity.

Who is Jasmond Harrison?



 His father named him after fine china called: Jasmine

He is from Cedar Hill, Texas

His mother was also a fashion designer that attended Parsons School of Design.




Even though the information that was presented sounds like his story, it isn’t.


Jasmond Harris aka “Fresh,” story began when he was accepted for a retail job working for Ralph Lauren who will soon become his fashion influence.



He had some doors slammed in his face that became a discouragement. It was high end retail jobs that couldn’t see the opportunity in him that led him into the doors of working for Ralph Lauren.

 He mentioned that retail would soon become his turning point that will lead him into becoming a well-known fashion designer that will go on to work with different, well-known artists.


 His ambition began when he received the opportunity to go to the Hamptons and work there for three to four months. He also met the fashion icon Ralph Lauren and several other celebrities like Gale King, Russell Simmons, Paul Mac, and others. The visit opened up a new world of wealth for him and when he returned back to Dallas the experience never left. In fact, that is when it all changed and he knew he couldn’t remain the same. Retail got him in the door but he was crazy enough to believe in himself.


 He started the fashion clothing line: Undrst8ed, a Dallas, local fashion brand whose statement is: “What’s understood doesn’t have to be stated.” He began with his purple label: High-end fashion and quality. His business didn’t boom as he expected, so instead of giving up, he turned the tide and created streetwear consisting of t-shirts that reflected Fashion Brands like Chanel and YSL.


I asked him, “What do you desire to be remembered by and who are some people that influenced you the most,”

 He answered: My ambition, charisma, perseverance, lifestyle, and motives.


His influences are, of course, the designer Ralph Lauren for his iconic legacy he is leaving, also his ability to have clothing for different markets of people and Jay Z.

 He also had the chance to go and speak with a group of kids back in his hometown of Cedar Hill.

His humility was seen with his former friend asked him to come to speak. His vision is to expand his opportunities of giving back like establishing opportunities for single moms and creating a big brother’s program.

CoSign Magazine feat. Undrst8ed


 Some of his goals are to continue to expand his line of street wear and to boost his cliental for his purple label. His vision is to have Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 at one of his shows. He sees himself in magazines like Cosign and Esquire.


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His story involves many different turns and twists from unlikely starting points to customizing hats for celebrities, styling them, and being the CEO of two fashion labels that he found. It runs in his blood to be in the fashion industry but it is in his heart to succeed and see that success be achieved in others as well.


Follow his journey:


Instagram: @undrst8ed


 I learned a lot from listening to his story but most importantly his journey reinterated to me to not despise small beginnings. Humility will take you very far in life and when it is time to grind, do not give up.

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