When I walked into the building I knew I had l arrived into a different scene. It wasnt short of amazing.

They had Lady Jade from K104 hosting the event, who has also been spotted modeling and acting. She seemed super cool.

It seemed as if they sent out an energy to all the fashionistas of Dallas and surrounding areas to be in attendance and boy, they, well, we did not disappoint. I wanted to just photograph the audience. It wasnt the streets but I guess we can call it: audience fashion/style.



        Check out this audience member, rocking white pants and fur. Fedora and white tee on the guy to the left.


Audience member dancing with a ripped denim jacket on and black turtle neck top with hat.


This member was in all white, rocking gold. The sister with a fro just oozes style.


This gentlemen went up on the runway for an audience spotlight of who was the hottest in attendance. He is rocking a blazer, skinny pants, vest, top with a choker style necklace. He was ready to show off his individual style. Shoe SPOT: check out that sandal in the background. Fierce!


I am loving the patchwork on this red denim jacket and distress denim jean. He rocked his look well with his man bun.


He was ready to present. Check out these individual looks.


I told you they didnt disappoint. These are audience members. The guy in the gold style top is a part of group called, “Stay Live Crew.”


Check out this toned down hip hop style. He added a blazer and ray bans to style his 90s style look.


This guy rocked his white as well while the performer was in all white. He has his dreads dipped in red.


Lady Jade at the forefront, hosting in a black top and white jeans. Keep it simple. She still showcased her style.

The only critique I would give is that they would make mini programs for at least the people in VIP, so we can know who was the designers presenting, trying to catch a name over a hyped crowd was not good. If there was a program presented I didnt see it.

I really enjoyed my first experience as a blogger in the audience. I didnt see that day coming but I knew it would. God really showed out with this one but I know He has so much more in store for me.

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