Okay, so, time is ticking and you are desperately in need of a quick look that will be fashionable but doesn’t take time to put together or more importantly to put on, and why would you pick that tight fitting dress that just may not fit or that sandal with too many straps and strings, Ugh, complicating!! Wouldn’t it be better to take a few minutes to learn how to put a, in a rush, look together so you can organize your closet appropriately instead of tripping over your feet because you chose to go to war with skinny jeans. Yikes! Is it important to know how to choose your garments appropriately, because life happens. Friends call at the last minute and bosses may want you in early. Life has a clock and we have to be ready. Even if you are pursuing a writer’s career like me, you still need this information because I’m not just a writer but a mom as well. Anything can happen so you might as well be prepared for it. I have some looks, with description, of pieces you can choose when the clock is not in your favor.


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