I turn on the television and in my inner, complain that I barely see my shade upon the TV screen. The commercials, movies, cartoons, and shows are limitless to the beauty I seek to find but yet there is a rise in my shade bracing the stage from leading roles to leading women like Taraji P. Henson in Empire, Kerry Washington in Scandal and Viola Davis in How to get away with Murder. I also am starting to see my hair texture on the runways more often and it brightens up my day to witness such beauty in the fashion industry. With all the progress made why do I still feel so disappointed? I have been posting fashion inspiration for as long as I’ve known Instagram and my favorite search engine is Google but when I search street fashion, models, editorial photography I run into the same issue as I do when I turn on the television, my shade, my hair, my lips are limitless and don’t get me wrong I love all shades, my favorite Fashion Blogger is Chiara Ferragni. She has been my inspiration for countless pages I have created to express my love for fashion. Her style, entrepreneurship, dreams I can identify with because it is me but I can’t deny the invisible limits that she may not see that I see. What invisible limits? The invisible limits that are automatically created when I can’t see me in formation. When I have to research that someone of your shade came before you and made it happen. It is the oxygen of every black hope that exist within the world. We need to know that we matter in every single part of the stitched, woven fabric of America. Our dreams, goals, lifestyles matter. I need to turn on the TV and see me there. I need to google my favorite Fashion inspiration without adding black or African American in order to see me. Our blood, sweat, and tears birthed a nation that I am proud to call home but I have always hated the story America continues to write with even my shade as Commander in Chief. Fashion is connected to imagination, creation, vision which has no limits and my shade shouldn’t have any either.




                   (Not my images)

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