Since it is love day, a time set apart to dedicate our love to friends, family, significant other, and the things we love. One of the things and style I love to represent is Bohemian. The culture is all about freedom, love and expressing one self. It is also about rebelling against the norm, taking on a spirit of unity and fairness. It was and is a time in life where we all can come together and be ourselves freely. It is about trading places when it comes to men and women style or even joining together. Freedom of expression, self love is the essence of this style and it is so many ways to wear it from mixing ethnic with denim, lace and suede, crochet and leather, silk and southwestern style, fringe and organza. You can choose the right boho style for you. Designers are continually flocking back to the late 60s and 70s, some are just choosing to plant root there like the romantic Bohemian from the Zimmerman brand, sex appeal from For love and lemons. Free People, Mara Hoffman, Gucci and Isabel Marant all have different styles of Bohemian but nevertheless if you know the culture then you can spot the style. Stay tune for some looks I styled all from the Bohemian culture and go to my Instagrams for fashion inspiration you can use to build your dreamy bohemian closet rather male or female. 






(Not my images)

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